The space shuttle was developed and operated by NASA as part of the space transportation system program. it is the first orbital human spacecraft designed for reusability. the space shuttle discovery (ov-103) flew a total of 39 missions. the first was mission was sts-41d, on August 30, 1984 and the last was sts-133 on February 24, 2011. spending a total of 365 days in space, traveling more than 148, 221, 675 miles, discovery flew more spaceflights than any other space shuttle or spacecraft in history. it famously deployed the Hubble space telescope on its April 1990, sts-31 mission and carried John Glenn on its sts-95 mission in October 1998, when the Astronaut was 77 making him the oldest person ever to reach space. the discovery is now retired and on display at the Smithsonian Institution National air & space Museum.


Ordinary products are often static, while our products are displayed in the form of floating in the air. When you are still looking for new and unique gifts for your children or friends, it is better to choose us. UFO-T gives you a unique choice.Magnetic Levitation Space Shuttle Discovery Vehicle,When the installation is completed, you watch it, quietly levitating and slowly rotating, as if it were flying in space.

Excellent detail
Historically accurate
Prebuilt and pre painted
Come With Magnetic Levitation
Solid, Heavy die-cast metal


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